A Fall Morning at PrES

With our students having been back in school for a month now, it is as refreshing as the crisp fall air to hear laughter and voices within the hallways. In kindergarten, students were working on how to write letters. In first grade, students were playing a math game to teach them properties of addition; this was a fun activities and they really seemed to enjoy it. Second graders were watching a video of optical illusions to help them with their problem-solving skills and deduction of reasoning. The third grade class was working on math by learning how to read out loud large numbers. Fourth grade students were doing choice learning and had to decide between 3 different projects to work on. In art class, students were making a pro/con list about working in groups on a project. And in gym class, students were working on their soccer dribbling skills and working together as a team.

Needless to say, the school was full of life as our students still navigate the new environment of learning in the midst of this pandemic. Keep up the great work, Phantoms! Here are some highlights:


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