Pajamas & Math

Due to the snow day the Friday before Winter Break, students were able to participate in their last school spirit day today, Pajama day! Students adorned their favorite pajamas; some were flashy, some were creative, and some were regular ole pajamas. Either way, it was a fantastic way to conquer all their lessons today.

Many of the classes this morning were working on math. In first grade, students were settling down from their previous activity to work on adding and subtracting using a number line. In Ms. Mullin’s class, students were writing on their whiteboards what time the clock said that was projected on the SmartBoard, while others were working in groups on math problems. In Ms. Elliott’s class, students were quietly working in different groups on several various math problems. The 3rd and 4th grade in Ms. Palmer’s class were counting the coins they were given, and learning how to organize them and be able to reiterate how much money they had in their “bank”.

The 6th grade class was, however, not focused on math, but were transitioning from speaking about various art mediums to engaging in an activity around their mental/social/emotional health. Students were asked to circle any staff member they feel comfortable approaching to speak on any matter; homework, life, etc. With how chaotic life has been for all of us these past two years, this was certainly a necessary, yet fun assignment to gauge where our students stand.

Kindergarten was in music class; they were learning about the different types of instruments and how to play them. In gym class, 5th grade students were engaged in a classic game of dodgeball. Mr. Eaton had the music playing as students tried to strike their opponents out to be the last one standing. Who wouldn’t love a game of dodgeball while in your pajamas?!

It was certainly a morning filled with laughter, math, and wacky pajamas. Check out some of the highlights below!

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