Leprechauns & Schoolwork

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Pre-K certainly had an eventful morning. Yesterday, they created traps in hopes they would be able to catch the leprechaun today; when they walked into the classroom this morning, the room had been turned over! Flabbergasted, the students checked their traps, only to find that the leprechaun only left his clothes and had escaped! He was also kind enough to leave them chocolate gold coins. The students were so proud of the traps they made, and they were so close to catching him this year! However, after cleaning up the mess the leprechaun had made, they were settled down and reading their morning message to start the rest of the day.

In kindergarten, there were various groups doing either reading and/or writing activities. In first grade, students were learning the attributes of shapes, such as diagonal lines and horizontal lines. Second grade was enjoying snack time and a video before getting into their next lesson. In the 3/4 classroom, students were in a math lesson, learning to solve equations in a linear equation. The other 4th grade classes were also working on math problems, either on paper or on their Chromebooks. Fifth grade was in music class, and they were learning how to count rhythms. Lastly, the sixth grade class was listening to a lecture.

Despite it being a fun holiday and having the day off tomorrow, all the students were still focused on their schoolwork. Check out the highlights below!

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