The quiet after the storm

Since Monday was a snow day for Proctor Elementary School students, when they arrived back to school on Tuesday morning, you could have heard a pin drop in the halls. Most of the classes were amidst their morning meetings; greeting classmates and talking about how they spent their snow day. That’s exactly what they were doing in Kindergarten, as well as in sixth grade.

First grade students were already at work; some working on make-up assignments, while others were doing a math activity. In second grade, students were working on revising their writing together as a class; discussing their introduction paragraphs with their peers.

There was even a game of silent ball happening in the third grade classroom; a nice activity before they were to settle into their math lesson. The fourth and fifth grade classes were silently working on their Chromebooks, concentrating on their respective assignments.

Stay tuned for Ms. Fagan’s fifth grade class; they have started their project of raising Trout in their classroom!

All in all, it was a very quiet start to the short week. The students must’ve had too much fun with the snow day they were focused and ready to get back to work. Check out the highlights below!

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